Crown Ref

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Crown Ref
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NAME: Crown
WORD: Crown

Crown is...
They wander through life, taking up residence with folks temporarily and leaving when their magic gets to their heads. They're not hostile, but they don't tend to bond easily and largely want to be left alone other then those they choose, and when they leave... Whoever that is is best to take the hint. Crown gets cranky if folks overstay their welcome.
Their behavior can be seen as something of a "test"- who is worthy of the Crown? Only time will tell.
They seem to have a friendship with Ansaldo, somehow... Maybe because Ansaldo is so far up his own ass just by his own power, never mind Crown's presence. Somehow this seems to be endearing. Ah well.

Crown is, by all records, a fairly old Paralogos, even if they don't immediately look like it. Perhaps it's the timeless nature of crowns? 

Design is symmetrical other then the eyes- red right, blue left. 
The "gems" are their glowspots!
No clear pupils or scelra. 
"Metallic" portions have a consistency similiar to cartilage, and a texture similiar to smooth skin- fresh shaved skin or something similiar. 
Clothing much preffered but optional- The "crown" parts are more consistent then the fabric+cords.

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