[Gift] Happy 6th Anniversary Paralogos!

In Paralogos Art ・ By Provie
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[Gift] Happy 6th Anniversary Paralogos!
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In Paralogos Art ・ By Provie

Happy 6th Birthday Paralogos!!! I wanted to make a celebratory gift for Mew,Mouse, and Speedy as a thanks for running this group! I've enjoyed being a member of the group these last few years! Paralogos is an amazing group and an amazing community, and I am always excited to see all the love that goes into this species, whether it be the lore, adopts, events, or anything else that these three work on, its been a lot of fun, and a big inspiration to me about how to run a group and manage a community!


Here's to many more years!

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Deyan Avatar
Deyan Staff Member

AAAAA this is SO CUTE! I especially love Paprika's pose and expression, and I ADORE the idea of using the MYO book colors for the background!

2021-03-08 22:16:34

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Gosh you didn't need to make something like this Provie!! This is simply too cute... thank you so so much for this and the kind words ;_;

2021-03-08 07:55:20

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