Caretakers, MYO Whifflings and More!

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Today we've got a big and exciting update for you all!
Not only are we opening Whiffling MYO submissions - we also fully migrated the Caretaker System to the website!
With this, the Paralogos ARPG now 100% functions via!

This updated consists of several minor process changes amidst the big additions, so we'll lay it all out in detail in this news post!
If you wish to look up the functionality of a specific feature, consider checking out our extensive User Guide!


Whiffling MYO Submissions are now open!

You can now purchase Whiffling MYO Tickets from the new Whiffle Wares shop and submit MYO designs for approval!
To learn more about how the Whiffling MYO Process works, please read the freshly updated MYO Process Guide!

We furthermore added a new Whiffling Design Guide which explains how the Whiffling species works and what kinds of designs are possible!

With this, Whifflings are now fully functional on!
However, we're still working on implementing non-essential features such as the Breeding System and achievements, as well as pet magic!


The Caretaker System has been migrated!

Caretakers can now be registered on-site!
To do so, we've added a new item called a Caretaker ID that can be automatically converted into a Caretaker MYO Slot!
Caretaker IDs can be obtained for free in both the Ink Market and Whiffle Wares shops.

To find out more about the Caretaker MYO Process, please read the freshly updated MYO Process Guide!

We furthermore migrated Caretaker Status Changes as well as Caretaker Co-Ownership Changes to the site, which are both implemented via a new Caretaker Status Changes prompt.
To learn more about Caretaker Statuses and the new processes, please read the updated Caretaker Annex!


Various Minor Changes

1) Co-Ownership: The way Caretaker co-ownership works has changed from dA times because of the way Lorekeeper organizes ownership information.
Each co-owned Caretaker requires one owner to be the primary owner (the one whose account the Caretaker is on).
What exactly "primary owner" implies and how changing primary ownership works is explained in detail on the updated Caretaker Annex!

2) Companion/Pet MYO item transformations: Companion and Pet MYO items can now be automatically transformed into MYO Slots!
This means that, instead of having to submit the item to a prompt, you can simply select it from your inventory and "open" it to transform it.
The exact functionality of this is explained in the freshly updated MYO Process Guide!

3) Tier 1 Magic: If you add Tier 1 Magic to a Paralogos via your MYO submission, we now ask you to please add the "Tier 1: Neophyte" trait in the "traits" section!
Furthermore, we've clarified in which ways you can give a Paralogos Tier 1 Magic on the Magic Annex!

4) Magic/Wisdom Submissions: We noticed that our User Guide was a little unclear on how magic/wisdom submissions work now, which is why we reworked that passage of the guide.
Specifically, we ask you to provide the tier and exact wording of newly learned magical abilities or for wisdom the specific task answered in the description of your gallery submission.
Going forward, magic/wisdom submissions without this information will be rejected.



The Spring Whiffling Raffle results will be announced tomorrow!
Furthermore, the Paralogos Anniversary Raffle is still running until March 31st!

Our next priorities include re-implementing the Membership Card discount and creating a fully illustrated Paralogos Design Guide (similar to the new Whiffling Design Guide).
We'll also work on setting up the Whiffling Breeding System and achievements, as well as the Pet Magic System.

We hope you all enjoy where World Of Lingua is headed in 2021 and thank you all for your patience!
As always, if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask us via the Ask Questions Here prompt or on our discord server!


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