Spring Whiffling Raffle

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With all of these new and exciting things going on...

It seems some Whifflings have come out of hiding!

They're looking for new places to live, and with the coming of Spring, things are warming up too! Perfect time to explore.

We have 6 Whifflings we're going to raffle off, the raffle will be rolled on the Spring Equinox (March 20th). These Whifflings come pre-designed,  some including additional artwork from their previous owners.

The Whifflings looking for a home are the following:




Winners will get their order of picks, until all Whifflings have been rehomed. 

How to Earn Tickets

  1. Comment on this post, and state you'd like to enter the raffle! (+1 Ticket)
  2. Mention your favorite smell, whether it be a flower, a memory- a special place, its amazing how scent can make you feel. (+1 Ticket)
  3. Advertise this raffle in up to 3 locations, with a link to this post! (Up to +3 Tickets)
  4. Create an art gift for another member, or draw one of the Whifflings being given away! You can also draw Paralogos character gifts! (Up to +5 Tickets, +1 Ticket per Art Piece - Piece must be worth at least 5 ink or 5 bottlecaps. See Earning Currency page.)
  5. Let us know what you'd like to see next in the Paralogos or Whiffling species, or the site as a whole. This can include any large variety of suggestions, such as species or lore development, features you'd like to see, etc. (+1 Ticket)


End Date to Claim Tickets: March 19th, 2021 - 11:59pm EST - See your tickets here!



monty Avatar

Sob! I would love to enter, please!! What precious designs oh no.

Smell is hard to describe! I like the smell of "warm", when someone just comes inside from the sunshine or the way my wood floors start to smell like a cabin when I have the blinds open. Is sunshine a smell? I don't know! But I love that. My partner smells like that a lot, when he comes home from work and I give him a big hug and he has his normal smell but also just that warmth too. The kitties get it when they sit in the window and I like to just bury my face in their hot, black fur 'cos it smells so comfortable!

(I will be back with art!)

Suggestions?? This one's hard for me since I'm still kinda dipping my toes into lore & learning about Magic & Wisdom and how they work, but I would love to know more about Lingua itself; primarily interactions between species that live there. Now that Whifflings are here I'd love to know about their dynamics with Paralogos, etc! If they interact at all! This group is definitely one of the more fleshed-out ones I've ever seen so I am definitely still working up to reading everything about it so, hey, this could be something already covered and I don't know yet!
Also more Wickeds ........ I love Wickeds ...... I wan see them all

annnddd advertisements!

2021-02-27 11:44:39

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Awarded +5 Tickets for this comment! (Please reply here if you edit your comment further, otherwise I'll just add tickets per new comment)
I totally know the 'warm' scent you're talking about and by goodness I miss that smell of sunlight? There's just something... about it. It's so hard to describe though.

And yeah totally, suggestions just meant to be more casual (although we appreciate all these detailed ideas!!!) I'm excited to start getting into interactions between the two species for sure. Whifflings I can say are more independent than Paralogos (not having the same need to be near human society) and that's going to introduce an interesting dynamic. Thank you so much for the kind words... ;_;

Wickeds are one of my top 3 things Mouse has ever suggested/implemented, gotta say.

2021-03-02 10:00:48

Crab79 Avatar

I'd like to enter!

My favourite smell is the smell of the sea

Advertised here https://www.deviantart.com/crab79/status-update/22054300

2021-02-24 02:05:59

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

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The sea is certainly something I miss these days while I'm stuck indoors. Lots of memories of trips down to NJ and its beaches!
Thank you for advertising as well!

2021-02-24 21:15:06

Andie Avatar

I would like to enter, please!

Favorite smell: it was the smell my late cat, Rubi, had, it was a mix of pet shampoo (he accepted bathes really well) and cat smell, it was a strong yet subtle smell that always makes me think of love and comfort, it smelled like home for me, like being safe and supported. I really miss this smell, but I feel like I will never forget it. No other cat really smells like him, it was an unique smell.

I would love to see something like magic and wisdom but for whifflings! Just something to work at your own pace towards, be it some kind of ability, a job or something like that. I just really like to have something to work towards at my own pace. Also Whiffling achievements too!

Thank you! Have an amazing day!

2021-02-23 09:22:21

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Awarded +3 Tickets for this comment! (Please reply here if you edit your comment further, otherwise I'll just add tickets per new comment)
I understand the smell of a pet- my late dog had just... I don't know, a soft smell? It was very comforting. Thank you for sharing such a sweet memory here.

I know you had a Whiffling before we transitioned over- the Crown system was something that never really got off the ground that I'd like to rework. I can say that Whiffling Achievements will be coming back at some point as well! (Thankfully we had them built up in the past.) I know you may be familiar with the "Sticker" addition on the Mothcats ARPG, and that may be something we look into for Achievement style options depending on how that rolls out. We thank you for the thoughtful suggestion!

Have an amazing day yourself. (I edited this cause typos agh)

2021-02-24 21:13:48 (Edited 2021-02-24 21:14:34)

Deyan Avatar
Deyan Staff Member

I would love to enter, please!

My favorite scent is hugs from Noel -- his beard smells like clean laundry and potato chips, the rest of him smells like celery, and all of him smells safe and cozy and makes me feel at home whenever he hugs me!

(I will hopefully be back with an advertisement, gifts, and/or suggestions later when I have more time, but I figured I'd claim the first couple tickets now while it's on my mind~)

2021-02-21 00:21:37

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

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Ahhhh I love that description of your favorite scents... so sweet like I love hearing about this stuff from people...! ;_; Brightens my whole week for sure.

2021-02-22 12:51:16

justlikesoup Avatar

I would love to enter for one of these precious kiddos

My favorite scent... I thiiink it's lilac flowers? I'm not 100% sure what kind of flowers they were, I just know my mom would occasionally have these tall clusters of tiny light purple flowers that smelled really sweet but weren't overbearing. I also have a soft spot for the smell of peonies because my grandma used to have a little garden with them in her back yard.

One thing I'd like to see in the group, for either species' currencies/items/etc, is probably something like more little participation prizes for events. A bit of ink or bottlecaps or something for putting in the effort, like the last stage of the Lost Records event. Honestly I really liked that tiered reward format, where everyone who met [Minimum] requirements would get a nice little prize and those who met [More] requirements got a nicer prize, on top of the raffle. The raffle-only format can feel a bit exclusive depending how much time & effort it takes to obtain tickets, since the vast majority of participants won't win anything at all. That said, take this with a grain of salt bc I haven't been in paralogos long enough to participate in other events and I'm coming in from Mothcats which has a very different in-game economy (many more currency sinks to balance in mcats). It's still early in the introduction of whifflings so I'm not sure if the fae/devilish upgrades, breeding, or any other new species-specific systems will introduce additional bottle cap sinks, but that might be something to consider if you haven't already (if you have, then you get a gold star for being on top of everything! building & maintaining cs stuff is hard work).
Other than that, I just really enjoyed the different stages of the Lost Records event, so I'd definitely be down to see more bite-sized scavenger hunts & puzzle events in the future.

2021-02-20 16:20:08

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Awarded +3 Tickets for this comment! (Please reply here if you edit your comment further, otherwise I'll just add tickets per new comment)
Thank you for your detailed thoughts ie suggestions! Definitely the events have had varied prize distributions, but we are looking into what we could do as smaller award type scenarios as we bring more 'sinks' into the game. You would be correct in assuming that we have a very different game economy, our smaller items tend to revolve around redesigns and that's not what many would be interested in. Bottle Caps are (without unexpected additions) by nature going to have many more sinks (breeding would be one!!), but without additional work the Paralogos side is lacking sinks. This comment did provoke some good thoughts... so stay tuned for future ideas!!

So happy to hear you had fun though all the same. =D

2021-02-22 12:50:01

justlikesoup Avatar

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