[Closed] Summer Sales and Surprises!

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Flatsale: PARA-721-Beach-Ball[Closed]
ParalogosLevel 1
Design: Numiauri ・ Art: Numiauri
Price: $30
Claim Here

PayPal accepted.

OTA: PARA-722-Steller-Sea-Lion[Closed]
ParalogosLevel 3

A week after the first offer. ・ Offer Here

Money > Art > WoL Site Items Preferred.

OTA: PARA-720-Hoop[Closed]
ParalogosLevel 1
Design: mewhaku ・ Art: mewhaku

A week after the first offer. ・ Offer Here

Money > Art > WoL or Other Site Items Preferred.

We have some exciting new Paralogos and Whifflings up for sale today! We have the following available for sale...

Firstly, Seaside, Cuttlefish, and Beach Ball are both going to be flatsales for $30 each! Depending on who made the design, either PromptoBeans or Numiauri will be paid. Paypal accepted.

Secondly, Sea Salt and Steller Sea Lion, both will be OTA with the requirement being an "even amount" offered, are both PromptoBeans and Numiauri will be paid half each. This does lend itself towards USD offerings, again, but art is also allowed, Paypal accepted. They will pick offers one week after getting their first ones.

Finally, I (mewhaku) have designed both Diamant and Hoop for the ongoing Pokemon-light-theme series! These will both be OTA in general, with no requirements. I'll pick my offers one week after getting the first ones.


Please note- regarding claim edits and withdrawals, you must discuss with the seller before doing either. Please keep good etiquette, otherwise sales may be invalidated. Thank you! By purchasing a Paralogos or Whiffling design, you are also agreeing to World of Lingua's Terms of Service, and any additional Terms of the character's designer. You can see all available designs for sale on LogosLibrary 's account as well!



PromptoBeans Avatar
Featured by Owner

Offer Here for Cuttlefish.

2022-06-25 12:44:05 (Edited 2022-06-25 12:51:12)

Oboe Avatar

You know what I’m here for—

2022-09-25 19:04:28

PromptoBeans Avatar

LOL Fair enough, I'll message you on Discord!

2022-09-25 19:06:11

PromptoBeans Avatar

Offer Here for Seaside Seagull.

2022-06-25 12:43:51 (Edited 2022-07-04 09:34:09)

Oboe Avatar

Please gove me the seagull—

2022-06-25 14:01:05

PromptoBeans Avatar

Of course! I'll message you on Discord!

2022-06-25 14:10:43

Numiauri Avatar
Featured by Owner

Comment here to claim Beach Ball!

2022-06-25 11:17:41 (Edited 2022-06-25 11:19:30)

Oboe Avatar

Claiming for uzkost! <3

2022-08-01 18:38:07

Numiauri Avatar

Oh wonderful, I'll message you on discord shortly to sort out payment.

2022-08-01 21:11:57

Numiauri Avatar

Make an offer for Sea Salt here!

2022-06-25 11:17:28 (Edited 2022-07-04 09:34:24)

Provie Avatar

Offering $60 worth of art going by my prices here (which can be divided between the artists!): https://twogoblins.carrd.co/#pricing

Prices can have a bit of wiggle room too if you want a combo thats slightly over the amount. Turnaround time probably less than a month since art fight and stuff but I tend to be pretty quick when I have "work" time to draw

2022-06-25 15:19:57 (Edited 2022-06-25 15:20:51)

Numiauri Avatar

Hi there Provie, we've decided to go with your offer. I'll message you on discord shortly c:

2022-07-02 17:36:38

Numiauri Avatar
Featured by Owner

Make an offer for Steller Sea Lion here!

2022-06-25 11:17:12 (Edited 2022-06-25 11:19:16)

PaisleyPerson Avatar

I can offer $20!

2022-09-25 09:36:23

Numiauri Avatar

Congrats, we'll be taking your offer! I'll contact you shortly on discord to sort out payment c:

2022-10-02 12:32:50

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