[Closed] Gazing at Capricorn

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OTA: WHIFF-296-Gazing-At-Capricorn[Closed]
Scent: Experience Scent (Rare) (Gazing at Capricorn)
Animal Influence: Mythical Creature Influence (Rare) (Capricornus, "Sea-Goat")
Trait: Glitter (Fae), Glow (Fae) (Constellation Markings), Animal Exclusive Trait (Special) (Goat Horns), Animal Exclusive Trait (Special) (Aquatic Tail)
Design: Shadonut ・ Art: Shadonut

Offering period closes 1 week from first offer. ・ Offer Here

USD = Art = Lingua Currency > Lingua/Mothcats ARPG items. Minimum $35 if offering USD alone - mixing offer components is welcomed and encouraged

A surprise from our Official Artist Shadonut, perfect for those who fall under this Zodiac Sign! Or generally Zodiac enjoyers...!

All payments need to be via PayPal - the character's designer will contact you to arrange payment once notified. 

Please note- regarding claim edits and withdrawals, you must discuss with the seller before doing either. Please keep good etiquette, otherwise sales may be invalidated. Thank you! By purchasing a WoL design, you are also agreeing to World of Lingua's Terms of Service, and any additional Terms of the character's designer.



Shadonut Avatar
Shadonut Staff Member

Please reply here to offer for Gazing at Capricorn. I plan to check in every few days to make sure I don't miss any comments.

2024-01-15 17:30:30

dear_nowhere Avatar

would love to offer $20 via paypal + either a custom (fullbody) OR just a fullbody itself !!! :] you can see some design examples and art on my toyhouse !! https://toyhou.se/dear_nowhere/created

2024-01-28 02:05:48 (Edited 2024-01-28 02:06:28)

Shadonut Avatar
Shadonut Staff Member

Hey Monte! The offering period for this Whiffling has closed an you are the winner! :D
I'll message you on Discord soon to chat about your offer.

2024-02-04 13:37:51

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