[Closed] Mantis Mania GA Sale

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Flatsale: PARA-626-Ghost-Mantis[Closed]
ParalogosLevel 3
Design: Oboe ・ Art: Oboe
Price: $20.00

Flatsale: PARA-625-Orchid-Mantis[Closed]
ParalogosLevel 3
Design: Oboe ・ Art: Oboe
Price: $20.00

Flatsale: WHIFF-132-Freshly-Cut-Grass[Closed]
Design: Oboe ・ Art: Oboe
Price: $15.00

Our third and final of our recently selected Guest Artists...

Oboe takes the stage with 3 mantis-themed World of Lingua species, 2 Paralogos and 1 Whiffling! 

All Payments must be made through PayPal and claims will happen in replies to Oboe's comments for each design.

Please note- regarding claim edits and withdrawals, you must discuss with the seller before doing either. Please keep good etiquette, otherwise sales may be invalidated. Thank you! By purchasing a Paralogos design, you are also agreeing to World of Lingua's Terms of Service, and any additional Terms of the character's designer. You can see all available designs for sale on LogosLibrary 's account as well!



Oboe Avatar

Comment here for Freshly-Cut Grass!

2021-10-23 12:25:41

Deyan Avatar
Deyan Staff Member

CLAIM CLAIM CLAIM i love this friend with my whole heart

2021-10-23 13:42:49

Oboe Avatar

I will DM you shortly for PayPal information!

2021-10-23 14:07:51

Oboe Avatar

Comment here for Orchid Mantis!

2021-10-23 12:25:24

monty Avatar

oboe hello these are STUNNING
might i steal a pink perfect angel from you

2021-10-23 20:11:36

Oboe Avatar

Absolutely!! I will DM you on Discord to get payment info. ^v^

2021-10-23 21:16:48

Oboe Avatar

Comment here for Ghost Mantis!

2021-10-23 12:25:13

Samm Avatar

HECKIE!! I CANT!! Claim!!

2021-10-23 20:09:42

Oboe Avatar

I will be messaging you shortly to get payment info! ^v^ Thank you!

2021-10-23 21:19:26

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