[Trade : Gift] Super Chibi Set YCH - Misc.

In YCH Art ・ By Oboe
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[Trade : Gift] Super Chibi Set YCH - Misc.
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In YCH Art ・ By Oboe

A miscellaneous set of super chibi YCHs!

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Submitted: 1 month agoLast Updated: 1 month ago

Howee: Trade With
Deyan: Gift For
platonicharmonics: Gift For
Andie: Gift For
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Deyan Avatar
Deyan Staff Member

Thank you again for sticking Bilha (and Toes!) on this ADORABLE base!! Those big ol' eyes are staring directly into my soul and filling it with glee!! Bilha's markings are SPOT ON here, and their star pupils works fantastically on this base! And Toes' splashy crest turned out so nice! <333

2021-02-27 15:55:16

Andie Avatar

Carmel looks so amazing!!! They all look really great!!!! Thank you for including my baby!!

2021-02-24 09:38:25

Oboe Avatar

They were actually one of my favorites — I love the colors and the whiskers on them. x3 Thanks for letting me draw Carmel!

2021-02-24 10:13:15

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