[Comm] [minis] assorted

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[Comm] [minis] assorted
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In Mixed Species Art ・ By monty

some GOODIES backlog!!

first row: commisisons for Provie
second row: commissions for Deyan, commisison for Shrike, @commission for Mouse

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Submitted: 2 months agoLast Updated: 2 months ago

Deyan: Commissioned
Mouse: Commissioned
Provie: Commissioned
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Deyan Avatar
Deyan Staff Member

Thank you again for the adorable minis of X and Clover!! I LOVE how you did X's eyes and frilly-foldy crest, and Clover's pose and expression are just so fun and cute!! And you even managed to squeeze in Clover's pitchfork, which is a fun little detail! Wonderful as always! <333

2021-08-30 00:53:48

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