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Level 4 - abstract
Word: Trick-or-Treating

Combination word / phrase, coming from Trick + Or + Treat and used as one term.
Trick: Late Middle English (as a noun): from an Old French dialect variant of triche, from trichier ‘deceive’, of unknown origin.
Or: Middle English: a reduced form of the obsolete conjunction other (which superseded Old English oththe ‘or’), of uncertain ultimate origin.
Treat: Meaning "to entertain with food and drink without expense to the recipient by way of compliment or kindness (or bribery)" is recorded from c. 1500.

'Trick or treat' is the ultimatum given to householders by children who call on houses to solicit gifts at Hallowe'en.
The practice itself and its origins are debated, but possibly come from the practice of "souling", going from door to door on or about All Souls Day to solicit gifts of food in return for prayers for the dead.
This practice probably evolved from a pagan ritual that was practiced all over Europe, possibly as early as the 10th century. As a Christian tradition it goes back to at least the 14th century, when it is mentioned by Chaucer. It is still commonplace in many Catholic countries, notably Ireland, where soul-cakes are left out for the departed.

Magic Status: 1 - Neophyte
Tier 1 - Doesn't grow tired or weary while Trick-or-Treating. (temporary energy boost)

Wisdom Status: 0 - Unaware

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