Wicked (Paralogos Subtype)

See Chapter 4: Wickeds, for more information.

In short, Wicked Paralogos are Paralogos of any word categorization level who were consumed by their own -mostly negative- wordfocus. 

In general, Wicked Paralogos are Paralogos whose magic would be able to directly ruin somebody's life and/or cause mass destruction.

Being a Wicked Paralogos means that the Paralogos has been consumed by their word focus. This will happen with all negative words at this power level.
However, with neutral/positive words this wouldn't be a necessary process and would rather show a negative external influence, a failing of character from the Paralogos themselves or similar.

Maverick (Whiffling Subtype)

See Chapter 11: Maverick Whifflings for more information.

Normal (Whiffling Subtype)

Normal Whifflings either do not possess enough Devilish and/or Fae traits to become either of those statuses, or are not Twins. They're just Normal.

Devilish (Whiffling Subtype)

Devilish Whifflings possess 3 + Devilish Traits.

Fae (Whiffling Subtype)

Fae Whifflings possess 3 + Fae Traits.

Elemental (Whiffling Subtype)

Elemental status is granted to Whifflings which possess 3+ Fae traits and 3+ Devilish traits.

Twin (Whiffling Subtype)

Twin Whifflings are unique in that they are bonded to one another in the same scent focus. They can be used seperately or together, but are considered to be "one" character. More to come.

Triceridos (Paralogos Subtype)

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