Chapter 11 - Maverick Whifflings

Interestingly enough, some Whifflings exhibit a semi-echoed phenomenon to the Paralogos Species-- we call them Mavericks. As they "rebel" from their known behaviors and body expectations. They are not always negative in the sense Wicked Paralogos are [after all, scents don't tend to have such overarching powers!], but tend to be obsessive of their focus in a similar way.

Maverick Whifflings are Whifflings of any scent categorization rarity who were consumed by their own scent focus in a way that causes their body and sense of self to distort from the norm. This strength of will goes beyond manifesting as Fae [neutral-leaning-positive] or Devilish [neutral-leaning-negative] traits on their bodies, and even beyond the balanced state of Elemental Whifflings.

Their appearance can widely differ from "regular" Whifflings since their bodies already manifest through innate Magic, which though they cannot control is responsible for their being, which generally overall observes certain bodily "rules". "Mavericks" have either forgotten about said "rules" or care not for them or adhering to them. In terms of Maverick Whifflings, they tend to actively rebel against bodily norms in all known cases.

Unlike Wicked Paralogos, they do not act to be destructive or in some drive to act in the "name" of their scent focus, as they themselves don't have active Magic control. [Their Pets have a lesser form.] Maverick Whifflings are very chaotic little beings who just want to act as they please and have manifested their bodies differently as a reflection of that.

Thankfully, no event such as "The Outbreak" occurred with the Whiffling Species. The residents of Lingua have enough to fear with the "stronger" Magic-Controlling Paralogos species. This is not to say Whifflings don't get up to their own mischief... as these Mavericks tend to "buddy up" with Wicked Paralogos as the two aberrant forms of these species seem to have an empathy for one another. Maverick Whifflings tend to have extreme personalities oftentimes similar to Paralogos who have descended to the Wicked status.

Let us recount the story of a "famous" Maverick though...

Not too long after "The Outbreak" , Whifflings were aware -- though mostly in hiding -- of the power shift throughout their world. Many shuddered at the thought of encountering such powerful beings, as the balance of the world was disrupted rather heavily.

Some Whifflings that spent more time with humans and around human society felt less negative about this event, but most Whifflings [generally those in the Common scent category] began to be quite angry at the humans and their society for bringing this about.

One Whiffling within the rarest of Scent categories, possessing an Experience Scent, tried desperately to advocate for arguments in favor of not blaming the humans or Paralogos for this event occuring. They tried to encourage all three species to work together to help heal from the terror that had been unleashed unto the world, as Paralogos themselves were also suffering in many cases.

Again and again they were outcast from various locations, and most of Whiffling society. Dejected, this Whiffling cried out that they could not do enough on their own, their body weak and stamina lacking. No one would listen to a small imp-ling elf of a creature like themselves.

At this point a Wicked Paralogos had heard them speaking aloud from a distance. Calmer than most, this Wicked Paralogos asked why Whifflings tried to be so careful and gentle, and encouraged the lone Whiffling to fight for their cause at any cost.

The young Whiffling, afraid and intimidated by this newcomer, stared back-- they had some minor Devilish and Fae traits, and tried to explain that Whifflings who mastered a balance over themselves gained the Elemental status. There was nothing beyond that, as Whifflings could not control Magic like Paralogos could. The Wicked looked back and them, and asked them to consider those feelings of wanting to go beyond that in their heart-- that only that determination could help them now.

Leaving the Whiffling, the Wicked Paralogos went on where they were going, and the Whiffling felt even worse. It is said this Whiffling continued on their journey, until desperation itself changed their body-- forming the first Maverick Whiffling.





In general, Maverick Whifflings are Whifflings whose scents are either very extreme [so much so that related Pet Magic would cause death and destruction] or simply those who have become filled with obsession and desire of some "rebellious" goal they have.

Being a Maverick Whifflings means that the Whiffling has been consumed by their scent focus but mainly that they want to "rebel" against their own species' conventions in an extreme way.
This will happen with all negative scents at this power level [though some Wicked Paralogos words don't have a "scent" equivalent] but can happen to any Whiffling really.
However, with neutral/positive scents this wouldn't be a necessary process and would rather show a negative external influence, a difference of character from the Whiffling themselves or similar.

To use a Wicked Paralogos as an example, there's a Wicked based on the neutral word Time - since time-related magic could very well destroy life.
But there's also a (regular) Paralogos based on the positive word Justice - which could've been a Wicked based on the possible power/extend of their magic.

For Whifflings, these "Experience" related scent equivalents could either be or not be Mavericks, though might "turn" more easily than other Whifflings from a lore perspective.

For this species/group this essentially means that:
- If you want a negative term at the above mentioned power level, you will have to make them a Maverick.
- If you want a neutral or positive term at that power level, you can decide to either make them a regular Whiffling or a Maverick.

Please note: Maverick Whifflings can't be created with regular MYO slots or as regular adopts!
- We aim to release a Maverick Whiffling adoptable of some kind once per year - these can only be created by mewhaku or Mouse, currently.
- To create a Maverick Whiffling as a member, you will need a Maverick Whiffling MYO Ticket. These can only be earned via the Achievement System - once per person.





As mentioned above, Maverick Whifflings do not observe or even go as far as directly contradicting the general 'rules' most Whifflings follow in terms of bodily appearance particularly.
They can partially ignore for example the rules seen on the Design Guidelines page.

Maverick Whifflings can have:
- non rabbit y-style noses- their muzzles may morph and change shape
- more (or less) limbs (up to 6-8 depending on main animal influence) than regular Whifflings and/or limbs with unusual placements, that aren't normal Fae/Devilish traits
- distorted anatomy
- features that aren't referenced in their scent itself (f.e. horns, spikes, pawpads, wings, and similar, again things that aren't accessible with traits normally, aka other animal exclusive traits are allowed as long as the Maverick mainly resembles their main Animal Influence)
- larger size than canonical Whiffling size, up to triple the size (f.e. Whifflings are officially between 20cm - 40 cm (max), pets are around 10 cm)
- The maximum amount of wing sets a Maverick can have would be six: animal exclusive arm wings + fae wings + devilish wings + feathered wings + up to 2 additional animal exclusive wing types (Such as Dragon Wings or Gargoyle Wings). All of these will be considered the trait they are. Normal Whifflings have the capability for 4 pairs, but are more limited by the animal exclusive feature. Please remember that examples of arm + back wings are seen in cases of butterflies in normal whifflings as one potential animal influence.
- The base amount of special/fae/devilish traits allowed on a Maverick is 6 total (between fae/devilish/special) - though you can add more through the use of Potions. Animal Exclusive traits and Maverick traits on their own are unlimited.

However they still need:
- some indication of their scent focus (whether that's colors on the body related to it, body additions, etc)
- an overall bipedal structure with similar arms/legs in terms of basic body structure (they are still elves/fae of a sort, just altered ones)
- basically a way to indicate they are a Whiffling. They shouldn't have so many alterations that they're unrecognizable as part of the species.

They also still need to observe the banned scents category (since there are certain words that may never be claimed for any kind of Whifflings, same as the Paralogos restrictions)
- These are generally extremely negative/harmful terms, political terms, or religious terms.
- Furthermore, copyrighted terms are not allowed to be chosen as Whiffling-scents.
- Curse words are also banned overall.
- But words like Death, Life, etc, are not banned, for example.
The group does have a partially complex blacklist, currently. Please inquire about this list/specific words by sending a message to the group itself via Discord or on the Site Questions prompt.

Again, you will need to reference the masterlist and check to ensure your scent hasn't already been used.
- Unlike Paralogos, since Mavericks are more flexible, just be aware some things may get claimed as people work towards such a reward.
- You can always use a scent in a different language (which may have different design elements) if you want to work with a theme that's been claimed.
- Just type your word into the search bar and see if it pops up!

You can search for Maverick Whifflings directly on the masterlist (like this) to view other active Maverick Whifflings.
Any Maverick Whifflings which have potentially disturbing features (body horror, for example) are covered by content warnings in the Masterlist.
However actual gore and blood aren't currently allowed for Whiffling designs.