Character Categories

Paralogos (PARA)

Paralogos are parasaurolophus-esque creatures whose existence is centered and focused upon exactly 1 human word or term of language. They are the main "major" species on Lingua that has magical influence over the humans that residue on the planet.

Companion (COM)

Familiars, more commonly called Companions (even Pets by some), are a strange phenomenon. They take on many shapes and forms, but only very, very rarely appear as anything resembling a dinosaur-like species. Their appearance is determined by the theme/focus of the individual they are bonded to. They cannot be bonded to humans.

Caretaker (CARE)

Individuals who have become bonded to Paralogos formally, see Chapter 7: Bonds for deeper information. Caretakers have their bonded Paralogos linked in their descriptions.

Unsold GA Adopts (GA)

This group is for individual character designs not created by Official Artists of the group. As these GA's sometimes become inactive, these designs are moved to the official Masterlist upon sale.

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