Changes At the End of the Year

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Hello everyone! We have a couple announcements to clarify, just so everyone [Discord and elsewhere] are aware.

Firstly, Admin Speedy has chosen to resign from his position after many years of work on the site. He will stay around until the end of the Year of Competitions. At this point he is only processing current Prompt submissions. We thank him for the years of work he has done for the group, and we wish him the best as he goes on to new travels.

Official Artists Numiauri and PromptoBeans have also chosen to step down, though Numiauri is sticking around as a normal member! They're both working more on the Realm of Mynros site, and we hope it all grows and flourishes! We again thank them both for all of the wonderful artwork and character designs they've contributed to the group.


Multiple new Paralogos and Whiffling characters were donated kindly to the Linguan Preserve! Be sure to visit and see if you'd like to take one of them home. Also, if you would like to see where some MYO slots went that were there- you can check this page on LogosLibrary 's account. If you see something you'd like to claim, please reach out to mewhaku so that she can make it available. Otherwise, they will be used as a plan for some further fun activities! If you need a character's linked Toyhouse profile, just reach out to mewhaku as well.


As a result of some of these resignations as well, some characters were voided/deleted. So please excuse the Masterlist for being a bit messy! As of January 1st, 2023 we will be filling in those inactive numbers! When you submit a new MYO slot, you can request an old number specifically that is open. Otherwise we will fill it in as normal with the next available number. 

We have added a formal voiding process as part of the Ask Questions here prompt.

You have two options: complete deletion, and temporary voiding. Complete deletion means the word or scent will become unclaimed [and free for users to claim] and you will need to regain any items needed to remake the character again. 

Temporary voiding means the character will stay on your profile, the word or scent will remain claimed, and the image made a lower opacity with the site's watermark on it. You can contact us to re-instate it when you are ready. 


As part of Speedy's resignation, we will be re-writing some information as per his request. So be sure to peek into Annex 4: Recent Events! We have a woman who seems to be the Caretaker of Ginkgo sharing some diary entries...

As we move towards the end of the year, we hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season! Please stick with us as we move into 2023. We have lots of fun plans! 


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