Whiffling Achievements are here!

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Hello all! We're finally ready to release the feature you've all been waiting for: Whiffling Achievements!


Whiffling Achievements are here!

That's right!
From this moment on, you can head over to the freshly updated Achievement System page to find out what Whiffling achievements you're able to earn & how, and what sort of rewards are waiting for you!
Hint: One of them has to do with Mavericks =)
Please note that from now on, when claiming achievement rewards please specify whether you're claiming Paralogos or Whiffling milestones.

We've also got three new trophy-equivalent items for you to collect:

for completing the achievement:
"Silver Star"
for completing the achievement:
"Gold Star"
for completing the achievement:
"Bronze Star"

Just like with Paralogos achievements, once you've earned one of these Ribbons, you will be displayed on the Spotlight MVP Display.

We do have to point out that not all achievements are currently earnable.
Namely, Pet Magic, Crowns, and Breeding-related achievements are unachievable until their related feature is released.
These three features are at the top of our to-do list, but until then please simply take this as a teaser for things to come!
Thank you all for you patience =)

The Wicked + Maverick Auction is tomorrow!

A quick reminder that the Maverick Whiffling and Wicked Paralogos MYO Slot auctions will be held on Saturday (1/22/22) at 7pm EST!
Auctions will end 24 hours after the last bid.
Note that while the auction IS for a MYO Slot, the winners will have the option to either design it themselves or have it designed by either mewhaku or Mouse !


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