Affiliate Requests are Open! + More News

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Hello all! We're nearing the midpoint of the month and have a few more dedicated things to say, especially since we bumped the Spotlight News Post a few times already.


Affiliate Requests are now Open!

This means that you can follow the link above [it is also on the home page bottom left] and submit an application to be an affiliate of our site. We do have an icon for users who don't have the 100x50 icons [basically how DeviantArt had group icons] prepped for their endeavors already. It is shown here:

We accept other Lorekeeper ARPG sites [and DeviantArt Groups amongst other options] and creative projects, just not links to solo individual personal pages or commission links for example. 

We are actively working on Whiffling Achievement Assets!

We do have all of the future Achievements for the Whiffling species written out and our major reward planned, so we hope you'll enjoy the feature once it is able to live with all required artwork and page updates. This month is turning out to be quite busy, so you'll have to excuse us for asking you to wait a bit longer. 

Canto, a previous mascot of the Whiffling species, will be our Whiffling representative for the Achievements feature. Not to worry, Libra is still the presiding force for the Paralogos side of things.

...and stay tuned for more this month!


It appears there's a chill in the air, after all, old Jack and Monty seem to be stirring up some trouble. Monty, supposedly in his past, had been known to invite some interesting events into the local Whiffling community. Jack, of course, has starred in some previous prompts of a spookier nature. 


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