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Thank you for applying to be an affiliate of the World of Lingua!

Affiliates should be other Art Role-Playing Games [ARPGs], and can be associated with Lorekeeper or a group page on DeviantArt for example. If you'd like to link another type of creative project or business, that's fine as well as long as it is not a direct personal page or similar for just yourself.

If you have an affiliate link on your site, let us know! We'll apply to yours as well if they're open. If you don't have an affiliate section, that's also fine.

We are not looking for NSFW or R-Rated affiliates at this time, and are an inclusive APRG that denounces hate speech, bigotry, and similar.

We at the World of Lingua have the right to terminate affiliation at any time, for any reason, or reject an affiliate request at our discretion.

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