2020 Victory Raffle

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As you finish your celebrations as this harrowed year ends- you hear a burning or whistling sound... crackling and suddenly, a crash.

Roughidea Copy by mewhaku

"HA! You guys thought you all had it made huh? That you could just assume Victory... over 2020."
"Well I'm the victor here! You'll have to get past me first!"


"I'm Victory! And you better know that you'll have to finish my challenge before you can just waltz into 2021."


"I challenge you all to a raffle... and we'll see who the true holder of Victory is."




A Paralogos has challenged you to enter a special raffle, for celebrating or, in their words, claiming victory over the last year. And it looks like it may lead you to them lending you their aid as well in the future perhaps- maybe some other prizes as well?

You can enter Victory's raffle by commenting on this news post below- tell us one Victory you had in 2020!
This doesn't have to be something major, just something you're glad you accomplished or continued doing!

"I think you may be a little dismayed if you don't indulge me here a bit..." the Paralogos snickers.
You wonder what they mean.

It appears Victory has rolled out some results-

Seems that one of you has somehow triumphed here... I guess I'll have to investigate you further Deyan. I have a few things for 4sparkles, Inkcess, and Numbunny too. Smell ya' later!






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mewhaku Staff Member

Just wanted to say thank you for all sharing your personal victories! They are and continue to be a pleasure to read.
This raffle is closed, and we'll try to get the results up in the next couple days. Stay tuned!

2021-01-08 15:37:15

Provie Avatar

My victory this year, besides just surviving 2020, has been working on Puppillars. All the amazing resources from those working on Lorekeeper have been amazing, and I have enjoyed working with all the admin tools so much. I even made a bunch of items for the site this year as well, and I'm proud of how they came out!!

2021-01-06 19:54:00

bio-zuzu Avatar

one victory for me for 2020 was i planned out doing bat-tober and i actually completed it! had a new art piece of a bat character posted every day for the entire month of october!

2021-01-03 12:15:57

PromptoBeans Avatar

My victory of 2020 is doing lots of art and getting things done! I felt really pumped up by the end of that year and Im ready to keep that going into this year!

2021-01-03 01:14:22

platonicharmonics Avatar

My biggest victory this year is entering the creative space of Red Dead Redemption and writing 323,359 words of fanfiction in 2020 - it dunked me into an incredibly supportive and loving community and I made more friends in 2020 than I had in the 23 before it (including a chosen sister)!!

2021-01-02 01:07:35

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