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Default Ink Rewards

Category: Ink Queue

Submit any artworks/literature/etc here to receive your default Ink reward! (check details for rules/guidelines)


Any artwork/literature/etc submitted to the dA group has to be submitted to this queue for the associated members to earn Ink.


  1. All members who are eligible to receive Ink from an artwork/literature/etc have to submit the piece to this queue to earn their Ink.
    • This includes all collaborators, as well as receivers of artwork (f.e. as part of a trade, gift or commission).
    • You will always have to submit a piece to this queue to earn default Ink, even if it was made for a different prompt (f.e. magic/wisdom/monthly prompt/etc)
  2. This prompt only earns you default Ink rewards.
    • For additional rewards (f.e. magic/wisdom bonus, monthly prompt bonuses, etc) you additionally have to submit the piece to the relevant prompt.
  3. You can only submit pieces here who have been submitted to our deviantart group.
    • Note that you do not have to wait for it to be accepted.
  4. For more information on what earns you Ink, please read the Earning Ink page.
  5. In your prompt submission description here, please fill out the following form.
    • You are free to either a) add the portrayed characters to your prompt submission via the "add character" option or b) use the "Character Details" line in the given form.
    • It's not required to do both - doing either a) or b) is enough.

Purpose: (received / collab / personal / trade / commission / gift)
Character Details: (Which characters are portrayed in the artwork? Who do they belong to?)
(if YCH) Reused Work Details: (Which parts of the artwork are reused? f.e. "reused lineart" or "reused pose sketch & background", etc)
(if collab) Collab Details: (Who did you collab with? Which part(s) of the artwork did you draw?)
(if literature) Word Count: 


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