[Gift] Whiff Gifts 2

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[Gift] Whiff Gifts 2
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Another round of Gift whiff art! Keep your eyes peeled in the Whiffling chat in the Discord for Round 3 ;) 

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Submitted: 8 months agoLast Updated: 8 months ago

Shane: Gift For
4sparkles: Gift For
SpicyIsopods: Gift For
Provie: Gift For
PromptoBeans: Gift For
Inkcess: Gift For
Howee: Gift For
Fulgarite: Gift For
Jingletail: Gift For
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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Boaty McBoatface] Oh these are ALL absolutely darling! Thank you for drawing my Yevedzo -- you've done her so much justice here. I just ADORE how you've drawn her tail and swirly air scent decorations! Plus, those little pink beans on her hand are too cute for words. :3c

2022-03-22 05:19:40

Inkcess Avatar

Alder! He is so cute the way you draw him!!! Thank you! <33

2022-03-09 12:32:05

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