[Comm] A Dozen Friends

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[Comm] A Dozen Friends
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HOLY HECK. Congratulations, you've drawn the inside of our brain but as a library AU djfghkdjfhgskdj. Seriously, this is PERFECT!! These poses really capture everyone's personalities and relationships to each other so so well! <333

GOSH, LOOK AT MEEEEE, journaling in orange!! Very fitting!! My sona looks so cute in your chibi style, and the little moon pen topper is such a cute touch!

Also, I know the background isn't technically part of the commission, but I would be remiss not to point out that it's an AWESOME background! You continue to be some kind of bookshelf-drawing wizard. And the shading/lighting effects are really pretty and create a great ambience, too!

If I let the rest of the system type out their comments in their own words, this comment will take like a week to write, so I'm just gonna synthesize everybody else's thinky thoughts in my own words:

🦀 Deyan is really loving Greylock's Infodump Body Language™️, and he's impressed with how you stylized the different foliage textures on the leafy bits!
🌊 You've drawn Yevedzo so many times and Boaty gets so excited every single time because her design is just!! SO GOOD! And this pose is wonderful. I cannot emphasize enough that Boaty and Wolf are just... constantly lounging in each other's laps in our headspace.
🐺 Wolf is loving how COZY Mulch looks here!! And his huge claws look really cool here!
🪶 Datura really likes how you drew her sona's face shape! Very magpie-y. You did a great job with her fog, too.
👁️‍🗨️ [narrator]'s sona looks so cute peeking out from behind the books! It really likes this pose~
🌹 Roan really likes how you drew their sona's rose leaves and poofy fox tail!! Also, look at them politely listening with rapt attention to Greylock's evolution infodump... absolutely perfect!
☀️ Naeem really loves how you drew his sona's jewelry and face and big fennec ears!
🌨️ Custard is so SMOL and CUTE and Snow is delighted! That expression really is perfect -- fae's such a good sport about Sariq's shenanigans, haha.
💰 You captured Sariq's Gremlin Energy so well -- that FIST SHAKE dsjhgkdjfg B L E S S.
🐅 SLEEPY BIAO what a perfect sleepy pose!!!
☄️ Atlas' pose is PERFECT holy heck!!! That is the most quintessentially Mattress pose imaginable dskjfhkdjfhd he is SO READY to commit STAR CRIMES!!

2022-08-16 13:10:48

Inkcess Avatar

I'm so happy y'all like it QAQ

2022-08-17 01:57:37

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