[Comm : Gift] [minis] spicyisopods

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[Comm : Gift] [minis] spicyisopods
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all commissions for SpicyIsopods ! (one of which is a gift for platonicharmonics)

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platonicharmonics: Gift For
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[Nuri] Okay, there is no way on earth we're gonna get 10 of us close enough to the front to all type our comments individually, so I'm just gonna interpret for everybody because that's faster and easier:

🌹 Roan loves how you drew kits rose leaf skirt!! And the thorns on the stem wrapping around kits tail, too!
🦀 Deyan loves Greylock's pose and the little wax drippies!
🌨️ Snow loves how cute and ROUND Custard is in your style, and is impressed the amount of detail you were able to include on the sprinkles and sweater pattern at such a small size!
🐅 Biao has been LOSING HIS MIND over his sona's cute sleepy pose since the moment he first saw this, oh my gosh he loves this a ridiculous amount and so do I!
👁️‍🗨️ [narrator] loves that you left its face eyes open (a rare honor!), and it always appreciates seeing its sonas in your style! (Also: I love the pose you drew it in! It looks like it's thinking thinky thoughts.)
💰 Thief is, as anticipated, just as delighted as I am with the Sariq mini! It can't get enough of that POSE and EXPRESSION (which, can confirm... perfect rendition of this gremlin) and how you do metallic effects!
🌊 Speaking of POSES, Yevedzo's pose is super fun, too! Boaty loves it, along with how yiu drew her TAIL and her HAT!!
🐺 Wolf really likes how you drew Mulch's face (which... AGREED, that's a very fitting expression and very cute) and fuzzy little ears ("fuzzy little ears" is a direct quote from him, fyi) and floaty mulch bits!
☀️ Naeem the curmudgeon absolutely adores his grompy body language in his, haha. (I was wondering how you would fit him into a square with his weird little floaty sun, and you did NOT disappoint! Deyan says "What a good use of space!") Also, those big ol' fennec ears! GOOD.
🕯️ And last but not least: ME!! AAAAA look at this tiny Nuri! This pose is PERFECT for my sona because I stand with a hand to my chest and my head at silly angles ALL THE TIME. Like... SO OFTEN, it' one of my default poses in the rel world, haha. And look how smol and pudgy they are, and their little glasses... perfect in every way!

Thank you again, from all of us! You did an amazing job as always, and we're all super appreciative! <333

2022-06-25 08:02:35

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