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Hey there, I bought them a long time ago from you and I raffled them to a new owner previously. I can pull the old Masterlist listing out of storage with your comment record if you'd like!
EDIT: Here you go, even better a TH log -
2nd EDIT: I realize my grammar sucked, so I corrected 'we had a sale' to - "I bought them"

2023-09-06 15:39:57 (Edited 2023-09-06 21:30:19)

Phantomuni-wolf Avatar

Oh that's right! Okay sorry my mistake. Thank you 😊🙏

2023-09-11 01:58:34

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mewhaku Staff Member

You're welcome! Always happy to help! If you need anything or have any website questions just shout!

2023-09-11 07:40:15