PARA-204-Socks: Socks

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Affiliated companion(s): None

Level 1 - concrete

Word: Socks

Old English socc ‘light shoe,’ of Germanic origin, from Latin soccus ‘comic actor's shoe, light low-heeled slipper,’ from Greek sukkhos .

a garment for the foot and lower part of the leg, typically knitted from wool, cotton, or nylon.

Magic Status: 6 - Master
Tier 1 - Has full traction and dexterity of their hands/feet/tail, even when they are wearing socks on them.
Tier 2 - Can "listen" to socks in order to locate their missing pair.
Tier 3 - Can repair holes in socks.
Tier 4 - Can manipulate socks to animate.
Tier 5 - Can temporarily create socks.
Tier 6 - Can temporarily shift into a sock plushie form.

Wisdom Status: 0 - Unaware
22 May 2020, 11:08:40 EDT

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