[Event + Contest] Discord Emojis Round 2! [CLOSED ]

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We'll be happy to reveal the winners of the Discord Emoji Contest!

And we actually have 5 winners- since 1 extra emoji tied with the 4 we would've chosen normally. :3c

And remember, for each emoji that wins, they will be added to the server and the maker awarded (1) Fancy Mysterious Bag!

Our top winner is.... :ardsob: by pxcarats !

Submission thumbnail

and then our 4 emojis that tied...

Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail and Submission thumbnail

So pxcarats - you will receive 2 bags, Andie will also receive 2 bags, and Shadonut will receive the last one!

Provie , Howee , Jingletail and Oboe will all receive 1 Simple Mysterious Bag each as a consolation prize as well.

We invite you all to look at the wonderful emojis in gallery form here! And all participants will get that Lex themed Memento too. <3


Hey everyone!
We're bringing back a beloved event that we haven't held for a little while!
A contest all about creating emojis for our discord server!


What are we looking for?

Paralogos OR Whiffling Emojis!


(some of the emojis we currently have on our server)

EDIT: We now have the Memento prepared for this event:


Anyone participating will get this!

1) has to feature a Paralogos/Whiffling or otherwise relate to the World of Lingua group in any way
2) has to be 100% your own art (although you can reference memes or similar)
3) has to have a size of exactly 128x128 pixels and has to be under 256kb
(please note that discord emojis generally get resized to anything between 48 and 16 pixels wide/high - so make sure it's visible/readable when smaller!)

Characters you can use for Emojis:
- Preferably one of our many NPCs!
- You can also use one of your own character or someone else's (with explicit permission!) - please be aware, if you in the future void a character we can remove the associated emoji from the server, but try to pick a character you plan to hold onto! 


What can you win?

Each winning emoji will be rewarded with one (1) Fancy Mysterious Bag!

<a href=

How are winners determined?

Since the goal of this contest is finding emojis that will be used and enjoyed on our discord server, the winners will be determined via popular vote.
After the deadline has passed we will put all viable entries into a google form for all discord server members to vote on for one (1) week.
Winner emojis will be determined based on the highest amount of votes.

How many winners will there be?

We will start out with 3 winning emojis.
For every 5 entries after the 10th entry we will add another winning emoji!

Theoretically, a member could win multiple times if they submitted multiple entries.

How do you enter?

You can make a maximum of 3 entries.
To officially submit an entry, upload it to DeviantArt stash [or a similar image hosting service] and reply to this post with the following form filled out:
Image Link: 
Suggested Emoji Name: 
World of Lingua Character Portrayed in the Emoji (if any): (masterlist link)

Deadline: May 31st (11:59pm EST) - We'll make a folder as well for entries to this event in the Gallery - Emoji Contest 2023!



Howee Avatar

Image Link: https://sta.sh/01fy72n4flu5
Suggested Emoji Name: AlienPlead
World of Lingua Character Portrayed in the Emoji (if any): https://www.worldoflingua.com/character/PARA-740-Alien (with Provie's permission)

2023-05-30 03:03:18

Howee Avatar

Image Link: https://sta.sh/0ugmrmcmts5
Suggested Emoji Name: GinHello
World of Lingua Character Portrayed in the Emoji (if any): https://www.worldoflingua.com/character/WHIFF-100-Ginkgo

2023-05-30 03:02:17

Howee Avatar

Image Link: https://sta.sh/029sm0sd288x
Suggested Emoji Name: KeitaHuh
World of Lingua Character Portrayed in the Emoji (if any): https://www.worldoflingua.com/character/TRI-01

2023-05-30 03:01:29

Provie Avatar

Shadonut Avatar
Shadonut Staff Member

Image Link: https://sta.sh/01vf8jpzszml
Suggested Emoji Name: Magnolia_Heart
World of Lingua Character Portrayed in the Emoji (if any): https://www.worldoflingua.com/character/WHIFF-242-Magnolia

2023-05-24 00:45:16

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