A Lovely Art Exchange Event [ENDED]

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As February has rolled around... One has to wonder, were any of Lingua's residents planning a gift exchange? It seems Arden and Alta have something they're cooking up actually! A little gift exchange that will come through in March... 

To view all of the gifts everyone made, check out this gallery folder!!! Seems like it was a roaring success!




  • Everyone who signs up for this event will randomly be assigned one (1) other member who they will create an artwork for.
  • To keep up the surprise, please don't share your assigned member and/or your artwork with anyone until Posting Day (March 18th)!
  • On February 18th, you will receive a Contact Note (Discord preferred!) with all relevant information on your assigned member.
  • You then have one (1) (approximately) month to create your artwork.
    • We ask for your artwork or writing to be worth at least 7 World of Lingua Currency (see Earning Currency - min. shaded headshot / 350 words). [You can also do a few gifts that summed up are worth at least 7 WoL currency. No it doesn't have to be Valentine's themed, can just do any gift theme!]
  • When you're done, reply to the contact note (Discord) with your completed artwork until March 17th at the latest.
    • If you're unable to complete your artwork in time, please contact the group as soon as possible so we can reach out to a backup artist!
    • Depending on circumstances, you might be banned from future art exchange events if you abandon your art assignment - so please make sure to only sign up if you're sure you can create an artwork in time!




Sign-Up: February 10th - February 17th
Info is sent out: February 18th

Time to Create: February 18th-March 17th
Deadline: March 17th

Posting Day: March 18th


To sign up for this event, fill out this google form! [CLOSED]


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