Quality of Life Updates & New Lore Section!

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Today we have some Quality of Life Updates we'd like to share along with some other News!


As per some recent suggestions [on our Discord server, recently updated to be called World of Lingua!] we've added the following:

1. Traits are now categorized on the Masterlist! Meaning you don't have to scroll down just alphabetically anymore. They're under headers!

2. We now have a left-hand sidebar for News and Sales that more clearly allows for navigation on these pages- and Sales showing OPEN/CLOSED Sale entries more easily!

We also have a COMPLETELY NEW section to our Lore page regarding a catalog of previous Prompts! While they won't give special rewards anymore, perhaps one of them could inspire an art or writing piece if you're in need of some inspiration? =) [Many thanks to Speedy for putting this together!]

And finally, we are nearing completion of all the Art Assets for the Whiffling Achievements update. It is NOT DONE yet- as we still need to prepare the split to the Achievements page and make additional backend work such as spreadsheets to keep proper logs. So stay tuned!

We think you'll enjoy the final goal this additional Achievements set up will have too... !


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