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Greetings everyone!
As a follow-up to the website news mentioned on the last news post, we are now here to share the first few new features with you!


You can now not only share whether you're open for gift art for your character, but also for gift writing!
These can be searched for independently via the masterlist search function.

Additionally, color-coded icons have been added to all masterlist entries that show you the character's gift art, gift writing and trading status on a glance!

(The gift writing option was actually already added with the last update, but it somehow went... missing... from the last news post... weird!)

You can now have your discord, toyhouse, twitter and instagram accounts linked on your account via little icons next to your username - see mewhaku's profile for a live example!
These can be set via your account settings.


We now have a site-wide reports feature! With this, you can report both bugs and user-generated content.
You can file reports via the bug reports page linked in the navbar under "browse" as well as in the footer of every page!

When filing bug reports:

Please be aware that all bug reports are made public so they can be checked by all members to avoid having one bug reported several times.
A list of all reported bugs can be found on the bug reports page.
We ask you to please use this system to report all bugs you encounter so we can fix them asap!

When filing reports against user-generated content or behavior:

All non-bug reports are private, meaning they can only be seen by you and the administrative staff (mewhaku, Mouse and Speedy).
You can report users via the report icon on the upper right corner of their profile, character profiles via the icon above the profile description box, and comments via the icon on the bottom right of each comment.
All of these can also be reported via the regular bug reports page - just make sure to add the correct link in the URL box and to not mark it as a bug!


Again, thank you all so much for your patience!
These updates, as always, are reflected in the User Guide.
If you have any question or feedback at all, feel free to contact us via the Ask Questions Here prompt! =)


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