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Dinosaur Companion Card

Category: MYO Items

Artist: Mouse

This card can be used to attract a dinosaur companion for your Paralogos.

To clarify, this includes only non-avian dinosaurs (this means a velociraptor would be a dinosaur but not a terror bird, as one example).
As another example, animals such as those in the family of Plesiosauridae would fall under Common or Mythical depending on appearance,
while still sometimes being commonly called 'dinosaurs'.

As further clarification, individuals classified as avialans (such as archaeopteryx or similar) are for our purposes considered birds-
but fringe cases such as oculudentavis may end up decided at the opinion of the user when the science has not made a certain decision.

Uses: Creates a Dinosaur Companion MYO Slot



Ink Market, Loot Bags

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