[Gift] Too Much Power

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[Gift] Too Much Power
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In the conflict between concrete and abstract, Amore and Tilly seem to have found a bit of a compromise- virtual pets! While it is considered a concrete word (as Pixel would prove), it's undoubtable a bit of an abstract concept... I mean,,, you made abritary pixels that are now your friends? They could be anything. They didn't need to look like eggs, either! This is all arbritary!!

Anyways, they seem real into it. Amore maybe a bit too much, really. Someone needs to take the eggs away.

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Submitted By Iron for TYOC: Concrete vs AbstractView Favorites
Submitted: 8 months agoLast Updated: 7 months ago

Iron: Color, Shading
4sparkles: Sketch, Lines
Provie: Gift For
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OOOHHHH THIS IS SO CUTE!!! thank you so much for including pixel!!!! what a cool idea for the prompt!

2022-03-26 21:42:25

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