19 May 2020 (4 years ago)
Please DM me on Discord if you need us!
Most of our characters are tagged Ask First for art- we will almost certainly be okay with it, but we don't handle surprises well!
A few, however, are tagged No Giftart - these are very personal characters, generally, you can ask if we're mutuals but please understand if we say no! (Or else, they're pending design changes, and will be moved to Ask when that's done.)
Looking For

Designs for the Tarot Card Paralogos:
If you're interested in designing one, please contact me! I will be happy to tell you which ones are still open.
Mostly looking for design trades, but can also just do art or talk about commissions.

Wicked MYO Slots:
Willing to swap 50~75USD worth of art per Wicked MYO slot.

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