[Gift] A couple of pixel babies

In YCH Art ・ By Howee
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[Gift] A couple of pixel babies
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In YCH Art ・ By Howee

Pixel YCHs for free/as trade/commission are still open! If interested, DM me :)

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Submitted: 8 months agoLast Updated: 8 months ago

Oboe: Gift For
SpicyIsopods: Gift For
Cryptokinku: Gift For
Scarletwind: Gift For
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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

Thank you again for the super cute Zoysia and Clover pixels! This base suits them so well, and I'm so impressed with how many little design details you were able to fit into such a small space, especially Zoysia's antennae and hair and glasses! <333

2022-01-24 20:57:56

Cryptokinku Avatar

LOVE THESE SO MUCH thanks for being the first to draw Monty ;0;

2021-11-17 20:53:25

Oboe Avatar

I love the variety of characters for this set! ;w; Thank you so much for including me!

2021-11-17 14:19:58

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