[Gift] Let's Meet At The Edible

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[Gift] Let's Meet At The Edible
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My Gift Exchange artwork for Provie!! (w/ a cameo of Iron's [    ], haha)

god I have so many thoughts abt this piece, the amount of tiny details & worldbuilding I crammed in there,,,,, oh man oh boy I'll tell u

The basic idea is that The Edible is a food place that became the most well-known in Sermos' slums because its food is the most edible,,, hence it being renamed to that when the owners realized they couldn't shake off the name so they embraced it. Via its status as a central point of that district's community, it quickly became a place of refuge for anyone (human, Paralogos and Whiffling alike) who wished to escape their current situation. If you manage to get let in (i.e. if you look like you belong there, one way or another), you will find all sorts of people, from revolutionaries and schemers to lost souls and the tragically broken. They all share one thought though: they're glad they found The Edible - or that The Edible found them.
It's not a pretty place, but it's the best they've got. And if you see more flyers looking for "missing" people than you're used to, just look the other way. They're safe now.

(Also if you look closely you'll spot several rat grafittis on the walls (I think it's seven? but I might've lost count lmao), bc there's most certainly a subcommunity that directly refer to themselves as "the rats".)

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