[Gift] Two Hour Non-Stop Pixels

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[Gift] Two Hour Non-Stop Pixels
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I took about 2 hours (minus 9 minutes) to make as many pixel art pieces as I could. Since the Isosquad sent me a bunch of links, I went with those for the most part until I ran out. Not all of the links sent were for the squad, though.

Anyway it's in the order I did them. Top left then down, then top right and down.

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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Roan] Oh, this art of my sona is positively wonderful! I'm incredibly impressed with the amount of detail in the background, and with how clearly you communicated my sona's design despite the small size being... rather inconvenient for depicting the particulars of plant shapes. And the pixel of Kiku is similarly delightful! What wonderful gradients, and the tree in the background is quite pleasing to look at. Thank you very much for both. <3

[Mulch] it's a bit embarrassing that i'm the last to comment, given that i'm one of the co-hosts of our system, but... such is life. thank you for the charming tiny art of both my sona and kiku. i'm quite fond of the floating mulch scent-decorations and the bookshelves on the art of my sona, and the scenery behind kiku looks wonderful. i'm really quite impressed that you were able to recognizably translate kiku's design into such a small work of art at all, really, considering the amount of detail in faer flowers. impressive work.

2022-12-09 17:40:53

Jingletail Avatar

Lmao, thanks guys!

2022-12-10 17:45:42

SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Naeem] Thank you for making one of these for me! I am fascinated by how small you're able to make these while still somehow keeping the designs recognizable. It takes a great deal of skill and creative problem solving to create a convincing illusion of markings and other details that you cannot possibly render in full due to lack of space! Truly an impressive accomplishment.

In particular, I love how you've created the glow effect around my sona's little "sun." Also, the amount of detail you've added to the sand is quite nice to look at.

2022-12-07 20:27:11

Jingletail Avatar

Thank you for the kind words! I'm also happy with how the little sun came out. :3

2022-12-08 13:14:15

Provie Avatar

these are all so good! thanks again for making one of alien!

2022-11-18 10:33:00

Jingletail Avatar

Thank you! And you're welcome!

2022-11-18 15:16:09

SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Deyan] Okay so first of all: HOLY HECK, THAT'S SO MANY PIXELS FOR 2 HOURS??? That's like. an average of 11 minutes per pixel??? W H A T??? HOW???????

Second of all: thank you SO SO MUCH for the Esperanza pixel! This is their 20th piece of art (GOAL ACHIEVED!!!), and what a perfect 20th piece of art! That sky is BEAUTIFUL, and you did a great job translating Esperanza's design into Very Smol Pixel Form!! <333

Third of all: thanks for taking my suggestions of friends' paras to pixel!! Gosh, that one of Gagarin especially turned out AMAZING! Those sky colors!!! And the little telescope! CUTE.

(Naeem, Roan, and Mulch will be back to thank you for the pixels you made them, too! But I wanted to type my comment while it was fresh on my brain instead of waiting for all 4 of us to be awake and in a comment-writing mood at the same time.)

2022-11-17 23:35:34 (Edited 2022-11-17 23:36:33)

Jingletail Avatar

Whoa, thank you so much! I'm glad they turned out great! :D

2022-11-18 15:16:32

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