Scent Decorations

Scent Decorations (Fae)

Category: Trait
Species: Whiffling

These include little floating objects seperate from a Whiffling's body relating to their scent, see Rainwater's rainclouds. They're more illusory than anything, but can have small effects (like causing small rains near them). Please Note: These can either include one shape/object [and vary in color such as for flowers] or they can be the same object but slightly different types [see example of different bones on Bone]. These generally are simple in form. If you want multiple distinct types of Scent Decorations you'll need another Fae Trait [Potion] to use for it. 

The exception seperate "bits" being scent decorations are in reference to bits of liquid tail/body aspects that are not floating independently of the body, but as liquid sometimes splashes/moves may appear temporarily separate. Liquid still cannot float of its own will, or otherwise move around like scent decorations can. If we see the depiction of such, we will ask for a trait addition on your design. Please see Pink Rose Tea and Witch's Brew as examples for seeing liquid-themed Whifflings that have this exception. Again, these drops can't act independently/don't float, just can appear since these areas are liquid in nature.

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