Mammalian Influence

Mammalian Influence (Common)

Species: Whiffling

This animal influence category does not include fish-adjacent/aquatic mammals like whales, dolphins, etc. Some mammals also have species-exclusive traits, depending on said species. 

Non-Mammalian Influence

Non-Mammalian Influence (Uncommon)

Species: Whiffling

This category includes: avian, reptilian, aquatic, and amphbian types. Face still needs to generally resemble a mammalian Whiffling in most cases, but can have some alternative influences (see. beaks on avian Whifflings). For aquatics, they still also need four limbs. See more in Design Guide. 

Mythical Creature Influence

Mythical Creature Influence (Rare)

Species: Whiffling

This category includes any animal species that are mythical or imaginary, ex. dragons or unicorns. 

Crossbreed Influence

Crossbreed Influence (Special)

Species: Whiffling

Crossbreed Whifflings only appear through breeding, and are a cross of their parents' animal influences. Ex. Cat-dog. 


Extinct (Rare)

Species: Whiffling

This animal influence covers animals which are currently extinct, such as non-avian dinosaurs, or just modern-day extinct species. 

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