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Large Mutation Potion

Category: Design Updates

Artist: Mouse

[Please be aware this is a slightly different LARGE REDESIGN ITEM for Whifflings, effectively equivalent to Paralogos redesign items.]
This potion allows you to change the current design of your Whiffling, as much as you'd please within their current Rarity tiers.
A note, this does allow you to change the Animal Influence of your Whiffling, within the same rarity tier, and up or down one tier. Their scent can never be changed.
PLEASE NOTE - in order to UPGRADE a Common Animal Influence to a Rare Animal Influence, you will need 2 LARGE MUTATION POTIONS. If you are DOWNGRADING the rarity you only ever need 1. 
[Large Redesign]


Uses: Allows for a Large Redesign of a Whiffling.



Snapshot Shop, Loot Bags

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