World of Lingua 9th Anniversary Raffle! + Memento! [CLOSED]

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As it is March 7th...!

We'd love to celebrate a bit, considering this day is the 9th Anniversary of the Paralogos and (by association) Whiffling Species!

mewhaku (Mew, aka me) would like to give back a little bit and hand out some gifts to celebrate the species!

In honor of the anniversary, and our site growing so large, we've made a 9th Anniversary Memento. This can be claimed (if you didn't already enter the raffle) via the Claims feature.


The reward of 9 ink and 9 caps per entrant will be rewarded alongside the 9th Anniversary Memento as part of that grant. So thank you for your patience! And thank you all for coming together to make this group and site what it is... a personal note from my (mewhaku) heart, I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

The Prizes for this Raffle will be the following:

  1. First Place Wins: 1 Free Custom Paralogos (Including Triceridos!) or Whiffling Design between levels 1-6 or Common - Uncommon - Rare from mewhaku OR Mouse
  2. Second Place Wins: 1 Free Custom Paralogos (or Triceridos!) OR Whiffling Design between levels 1-3 or Common - Uncommon from mewhaku OR Mouse
  3. Third Place Wins: 1 Free Shaded Fullbody Character Artwork (Preferably a Paralogos/Triceridos but can also be Whiffling, or another feral species/fantasy character) from mewhaku
  4. Fourth Place Wins: The same as third place!
  5. Fifth Place Wins: 1 Free Shaded Headshot Character Artwork from mewhaku
  6. Sixth Place Wins: The same as fifth place!
  7. All other participants: Get 9 Ink and 9 Caps for entering the raffle! and All Participants will earn a special Collectible/Memento in honor of the 9th Anniversary.

To take a look at the various examples of mewhaku's work, check her DeviantArt Gallery! (Though she'll be the first to admit she has a massive backlog of stuff to upload.) Mouse also has a gallery of their WoL pieces on site of course. *Also any Whiffling Customs will get 2* free Fae or Devilish trait, you can add additional potions as well. Alternatively, you can exchange the basic 'any custom' Whiffling reward for a custom from a Whiffling Breeding, which will be rolled as an additional free prize.

How to Earn Tickets

  1. Comment on this post, and state you'd like to enter the raffle! (+1 Ticket)
  2. Mention your favorite memory of your time with the Paralogos OR Whiffling species! (If you only recently joined, feel free to share something you're excited about for the species or its world!) (+1 Ticket)
  3. Advertise this raffle in up to 3 locations, with a link to this post! (Up to +3 Tickets)
The end date for the raffle is March 31st!!


mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Will handle all tickets and awards up to this point! Stay tuned for the results. :)
EDIT: Handled everything! Stay tuned !!!

2024-04-01 06:33:39 (Edited 2024-04-01 19:56:40)

Emery64 Avatar

Absolutely late but I hope I can still squeeze in-
FTO newbie here, but I'm excited to join in on events and all once I can find the time next to school to actively take part in things! <3

2024-04-01 03:49:33

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Thank you!! Your items and tickets (2) have been awarded~
We're happy to have you!!!

2024-04-01 19:28:36

wanderandfriend Avatar

Super late haha (low energy) I would like to enter the raffle!
I think one of my favorite memories is just Mouse working on Eleanor and just ajkerhg4jk, also seeing the monthly spotlight is so :DDD

2024-03-31 23:36:30

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Thank you!! Your items and tickets (2) have been awarded~
I'm happy you've been having fun with designs and spotlights >:3

2024-04-01 19:28:21

Shadonut Avatar
Shadonut Staff Member

Happy anniversary Lingua~! I would love to enter the raffle :)
For memories: I really loved designing MYO's for the cross over event with Puppillars! + breeding myos and all the wonderful designs folks have made. Accessibility of Wickeds was an incredible addition as well :D

2024-03-31 17:06:18

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Thank you!! Your items and tickets (2) have been awarded~
I definitely agree the crossover was great :D Thank you for being a part of it!

2024-04-01 19:28:03

Phoenix Avatar

Happy anniversary !!!!!! My fond memories this year are all of talking with my friends in the group about their characters, either talking with folks about their existings paras and whiffs or plotting with others about new ideas and plans we cant wait to make official!!! I haven't had the chance to be too active this year but WoL will always hold a dear place in my heart and I'm excited to keep chatting with y'all about all our character crimes :3c

2024-03-31 09:10:40

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Thank you!! Your items and tickets (2) have been awarded~
Any activity level is always welcome~ Its just cozy to hang out with you all :D I'm happy you've had fun discussing character crimes!!!

2024-04-01 19:27:15

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