Jack's Halloween Hunt 2023 Event

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Happiest of Spooky Holidays!

It appears as though ol' Jack has gone about Sermos and hidden a few Trick or Treat bags for intrepid scavengers and seekers, which look like this:


>> Jack's Halloween Hunt 2023 <<

You'll have the chance to find 7 targets across the website! You will have until October 31st at 11:59pm EST to find them!

- When you find a hidden bag, just click on it to claim it!
- They can be hidden anywhere on this site.
- All the Hunt targets can be found on mobile devices as well as desktop.
- They are not on Masterlist Entries or user profiles.
- Please do not hint at locations, or be negative about how hard or easy locations might be.



Anyone who participates in this event will be granted a special Memento once the Event ends to commemorate this Scavenger Hunt! 

EDIT: Remember, these will be sent out to you as long as you've found at least 1 Trick or Treat Bag from the Hunt!

We hope you'll all have a wonderful and fun time.


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