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Summer's slowly grinding to a halt. Water balloons have been put away and now people are arguing about whether technology is great or not.
Memer clearly likes at least one type of technology- being able to capture moments in time as future souvenirs with a camera. But even they like to go back to non-digital aspects sometimes..

Like painting! It shouldn't be surprising that our finger painting savant is into the traditional arts.. And.. Though they refuse to show us the current status..
Apparently they're drawing this as.. a gift?




  • Everyone who signs up for this event will randomly be assigned one (1) other member who they will create an artwork for.
  • To keep up the surprise, please don't share your assigned member and/or your artwork with anyone until Posting Day (Oct 3rd)!
  • On September 1st, you will receive a deviantart note with all relevant information on your assigned member.
  • You then have one (1) month to create your artwork.
    • We ask for your artwork to be worth at least 7 Ink (see Earning Ink - min. shaded headshot / 350 words).
  • When you're done, reply to the deviantart note with your completed artwork until October 1st at the latest.
    • If you're unable to complete your artwork in time, please contact the group as soon as possible so we can reach out to a backup artist!
    • Depending on circumstances, you might be banned from future art exchange events if you abandon your art assignment - so please make sure to only sign up if you're sure you can create an artwork in time!




Sign-Up: August 21st - August 31st
Info is sent out: September 1st

Time to Create: September 1st - September 30th
Deadline: October 1st

Posting Day: October 3rd


To sign up for this event, fill out this google form!


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