What's This? - 2021 Holiday Scavenger Hunt Event

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"What's going on... Who are you and what have you been upto?"

Celyn glared at this... Whiffling? Who seemed quite angry at the entire current situation...

Someone had been stealing items in the general city of Sermos... and it seems that a Whiffling was the culprit. Was this the perpetrator?

"Wouldn't you like to know! Thanks for messing it up!" >:/

The Whiffling replied. 

It seems this Whiffling was hiding gifts...

They look like this:

You'll need to go around the site and find 6 of these!

Please note these facts about the Scavenger Hunt:

All the Hunt targets can be found on mobile devices as well as desktop! They are not on Masterlist Entries or user profiles.

They CAN be in places like lore pages for example, sales, Encyclopedia entries..

Or news posts to give a few examples. Please do not hint at locations, or be negative about how hard or easy locations might be.

You will have from December 25th until the end of the year to hunt for these gifts!

Perhaps this Whiffling isn't mean...though they seem to be a thief [probably]. Seems you may get something additionally if you find them all.

Enjoy the season and gather up some presents for your Paralogos or Whiffling characters!

Happy Holidays for whatever you're celebrating- and we hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

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