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Hello all!
As part of our ongoing Whiffling integration on site, we are happy to announce that we have uploaded a wonderful assortment of items alongside the Whiffling currency, known as Bottlecaps (Caps for short!). Whifflings are known to collect these and other small objects as currency amongst themselves, and they do help to clean up many areas this way. They make many sorts of concoctions and potions that change their appearances as well.

We welcome you all to grab 1x Free Whifflebag from the Welcome Shop as an introduction to their system!


We already transferred the items/currencies from Whiffling Logs of all users that are registered on this site.
Users not currently registered on site are able to submit their Whiffling Log to the new Record / Log Transfers prompt! (this also doubles as the new place for Paralogos members to transfer their Library Records!)

Whiffling Achievements from the older system will not be implemented as of yet, but we are making a list of who has earned what while doing item/currency transfers and will add them officially when the achievement system goes live.


This is the first step of many on our path of moving all Whiffling ARPG features on-site.
We intend on implementing earning currency for Whiffling art submissions, MYO submissions and the Whiffling Item Shop next!

Thank you all for your patience!

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Ridiculously excited for this update! Can’t wait to start posting art of my Whiffling. <3

2021-02-16 16:23:00

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