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Wisdom Tasks

Category: Wisdom Tasks

Submit your Wisdom Task entries here to officially increase the wisdom tier on your Paralogos' Masterlist Entry. (check details for rules/guidelines)


To learn more about progressing your Paralogos' Wisdom, please read Annex 3 - Task Hub.


  1. This prompt replaces having to comment on the Wisdom Annex.
  2. To earn full rewards, please submit your piece both to this prompt and the [Default Ink Rewards] prompt.
  3. Please attach the Paralogos who is progressing their wisdom tier to your prompt submission via the [add character] feature.
  4. When submitting to this prompt, please mention what task you're completing in your comment.
    1. The options are: Younger Days / Daily Life / Livelihood / Public Opinion / Intraspecies Opinion / Self-Image (see Annex 3 - Task Hub)


Reward Amount
Ink 10
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