[Comm] [Paralogos Custom] Luminous

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[Comm] [Paralogos Custom] Luminous
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This one was for SpicyIsopods as a LA bi-annual reward (voucher)! =)

Tier 1 - Uncannily good at rephrasing and reconceptualizing things to make sense to any audience.

My commission info is here + other info (Patreon) is also here on my cardd!

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SpicyIsopods: Commissioned
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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Nuri] It took me like 5 million years to comment on this, but I assure you it's not for a lack of appreciation! You did an absolutely FLAWLESS job of capturing the vibes I was hoping for in a para sona! I'm especially just... utterly in love with those EYES! The dark sclera/light pupils combo is so so perfect for this word! And the lighter flecks on a dark background on their sail and tail are just... so pretty, and really make me think of cities at night which is just... such a good aesthetic and really personally significant to me. Also, the lighter-colored tummy is a great design choice, and you did a great job with the glasses! Thank you SO SO MUCH for the absolutely wonderful sona! <333

2022-05-29 21:46:36

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

I'm so glad you are in love with the final result!! ;_; Thank you so much!

2022-05-30 08:26:36

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