[Gift] Friends in Strange Places

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Cyanide's goals haven't fundamentally changed much in the time since the incident with the Rogue's Village- although their exact outlook, methods and life in general certainly has.

Due to Cyanide acquiring a friend and helper in the form of Benzene, they have been forced to become the socializer of the pair- Benzene is poor at socializing even when they want to, and Cyanide largely seems to be the exception to the rule. This has resulted in Cyanide becoming more confident in dealing with other Paralogos, at least (given Benzene's aversion to humans the same cannot be said there).
This has gone to the continuation of Cyanide's goal- a safe place for "dangerous" Paralogos, seperate from humans, in that Cyanide has become more effective at communicating with said so-called dangerous Paralogos. Their goal has shifted somewhat in that displaced Paralogos in general are also included, but the former is still the focus.

Cyanide still largely operates to find books for the village, and inform Paralogos that could benefit from the Village about it along the way, but largely uses Benzene's knowledge of potential forgotten stockpiles as opposed to theft these days- they did need to shift some things in the aftermath of the negotiations with the Village. Still though, the sub-goal of "books for the village" hasn't really changed either, and Cyanide remains closely tied to the village in general.

While Cyanide isn't really the sort to sit down and define goals, at least at this time, if you did mention that their goals haven't fundamentally changed, only shifted somewhat, they would likely agree.

[Gift] Friends in Strange Places
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In Monthly Prompt ・ By Iron

Ozzy's fun to draw!

Also I will have to learn how to draw Cyanide.

Actually lore stuff above- I had to rewrite this since my power wentt and I'm :c

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