[Comm] [Paralogos Custom] Autotomy

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[Comm] [Paralogos Custom] Autotomy
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Getting around to uploading these... This was a custom for Deyan of the word Autotomy and a lil companion friend for them~ 

Tier 1 Magic - All but the first 4 segments of their tail can fall off if it gets stuck/pulled/etc., then regrow over the next couple weeks.

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Deyan: Commissioned
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Deyan Avatar
Deyan Staff Member

Thank you again for designing this wonderfully colorful duo for me!! They both turned out FANTASTIC! The way you meshed together lizard and crab colors on X (Autotomy) is SO aesthetically pleasing, as are those sparse speckles on their face and back!! And I ADORE the idea of making the detachable part of their tail visually distinct from the base of their tail with the lights stopping and colors changing!!

Ad Hobble (their harvestman companion)!! What a CUTIE! Thank you for putting up with my harvestman anatomy nitpicking throughout the process of designing him -- I know drawing unfamiliar anatomy can be an adventure, but you did a delightful job! I am in love with his little eye tower, and the way you made his colors match X's while still keeping his species recognizable! What a cutie!!! <333

2021-03-05 15:01:01

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

So glad you liked how everything turned out, it was a pleasure to work on these two!!!

2021-03-05 15:43:22

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