Stargaze Tier 2: The Sweet Spot

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Magic Tier: 2

What was learned?: This Paralogos can locate the best places to stargaze.

Stargaze Tier 2: The Sweet Spot
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In Magic Progression ・ By kazulthedragon

Celeste hasn't been able to stargaze much lately due to poor weather, mainly lack of winds blowing away the smog that blanketed Sermos. Wishing she could see the sky clearly, she suddenly had what felt like a tug in her mind. Scrambling through Dr. Ramirez's desk, she finds an old map of the countryside and immediately pinpoints an otherwise insignificant point off in the mountains. There! That's the perfect spot to stargaze tonight!

This moment captures the little Paralogos excitedly announcing her findings to her caretaker, with Vela curiously listening in.

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