Redivi Tier 4 Magic

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“OK, Redivi, your next magic stage should be manipulation of your focus…hmm.” Anna said, looking thoughtful. Redivi nodded and looked through a book full of other Paralogos’ recorded magic, thinking about how their own magic could develop.

Maybe I can force a rebirth in people, they suggested telepathically, Or maybe I could speed up or slow down one! 

“If you wanted to be really mean, you could also make them stop for a bit. Imagine someone finally realizing something important and starting to move past a huge part of their life and you just go ‘nope’.”

That is so mean! I would never do that! They gasped. Anna chuckled,

“Aw, it was just a joke, don’t worry. Those aren’t bad ideas you gave, though. We would need someone going through something like that to try the second one. Preferably something easy and obvious the first time. I’m not sure how we’ll find someone, though.”

That’s OK! I’m sure we’ll figure something out. Redivi smiled at her, You’re always really good at this stuff!

“Thanks. I’ll keep an eye out.” She laughed and patted the Paralogos’ head.





Anna watched her friend wake up from a nap, complaining and rolling around on the hospital bed in discomfort. Their technology stopped most pain from childbirth, but that didn’t mean it was a pleasant ordeal.

“Did you have a nice nap, Brittany?” She asked, lifting her head from her hand.

“No. I just wish this one would get out already. It’s taking so long! I wish there was some way to get it out immediately. Giving birth is the worst.” 

Anna abruptly sat up straight.

“Birth…rebirth…” She mumbled. Brittany looked at her in confusion.

“What are ya mumbling about, Anna?”

“Would you say giving birth is…a new chapter in your life? Like it’ll change everything?”

“Uhhh, yeah? Of course it is. Why?”

Anna rubbed her hands together evilly.

“I think I know how to make you pop out that child sooner.”

“You look like you’re plotting my murder. I’m all ears.”

“OK, what if Paralogos?”

Brittany seemed confused again.

“What? Do you have a dinosaur with the word childbirth or something?”

“No, their word is rebirth. I bet they could speed up your childbirth! Or slow it down, if you’d prefer.”

“You slow it down and I’ll destroy you.”

“If you destroyed me, who would help you when you need a new roof?” She grinned, “You wanna go for it?”

“Yes please. Anything to make this go by faster.”

Anna jumped to her feet and bolted down to her vehicle. She made her way back home as fast as legally possible and threw open the front door. Redivi and Kruos sat against the wall on the other side, discussing something. They jumped a bit when the door slammed into the door stop.

“Redivi!” She shouted, “I think I know how we can get you your next magic tier.” She laughed maniacally. 

Oh, yay! Redivi got to their feet as she ran over and picked them up. They didn’t seem to mind the sudden loss of autonomy and waved goodbye to Kruos as she hauled them out and back into the vehicle. 

OK, so what am I doing? They asked while putting the Paralogos-friendly seat belts on. 

“Brittany has been in labor for eight hours, and she is really sick of it.”

Oh, so you think I could speed it up for her! 

“Exactly, and since she’s probably gonna be in labor for a while, you’ll have plenty of time to figure it out.”

Redivi stared out the windows excitedly, Anna poking the screen in front of her trying to make the self-driving van go faster. Once they arrived, Redivi barely got the belts off before their caretaker threw open the door and snatched them from their seat. Anna took them upstairs, neglecting to mention to the nurses the real reason for bringing a random Paralogos inside. She walked quickly inside the room and proudly held Redivi up in front of her.

“Brittany! I have brought your salvation!”

Hi! I’m Redivi. They smiled at her.

“Hey, Redivi,” Brittany grinned, “Your friend there is crazy, you know that, right?”

That’s why she’s the best! They answered while Anna, for the first time, moved slowly to place the dinosaur down next to her belly. Redivi put their hands on her belly and closed their eyes, trying to concentrate. Both she and the baby were certainly moving into a new stage of their lives, that much they could sense, but it was going quite slowly. They just had to figure out how to speed it up.

I have to be really careful… They thought to themselves, If I mess this up, I might hurt them! They tried projecting their magic and will into the baby and human themselves, but they didn’t think it was doing anything. They opened their eyes and looked at Brittany.

Do you feel anything different? They asked. Brittany shook her head, so they looked down in frustration at her belly. 

Aw, come on little one! It’s time to come out! They patted her, and huffed out their nose. 

It’s probably closer to what I did for Anna when I got my last magic. Instead of trying to physically affect the two, they latched onto the idea of rebirth surrounding them, the one they could sense, and moved their magic like a river into it, willing it to speed up. It was taking up a lot more, especially since there were two of them here they were trying to affect. They were confident in their abilities and control, though, and didn’t need to stop until Brittany suddenly screamed.



Anna! I did it! Redivi danced around her in the parking lot.

“Yes, you sure did! Good job.” 

I’m glad you came to get me, but those doctors were really mad! I’ve never been kicked out of a hospital before. Have you? They looked up at her with bright, wide eyes. Anna laughed.

“No, I don’t think so. Come on, let’s go home.”


Redivi Tier 4 Magic
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In Magic Progression ・ By Jingletail

"So anyway I had an idea. Fast food, but instead we deliver babies fast!"
The doctor couldn't help but stare at Anna and the weird dinosaur she was holding in front of his face.
"Ma'am this is a hospital." He replied. [-My brother]

Here's the comic, but larger.

Tier 4 magic: Can manipulate the speed or slowness with which something enters a differing life stage to a very minor degree, such as quicken a birth, slow an aging, etc. Strengthens with wisdom.

There is a tiny Tar in one of the photographs on the wall. That's why she's added here.

Submitted By Jingletail for Magic Progression
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