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Offer here for Gazing-at-Aquarius! Offer period ends 1 week after the first offer. :) I will check periodically to verify comments/replies.

2024-02-20 20:19:02

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Hello!!! I hope you're doing alright, this is such a gorgeous design!

I would like to offer art! $200 worth of art (examples and prices: Turnover: 1 week per piece!

Thank you, have a nice day!!

2024-02-21 05:42:35

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Shadonut Staff Member

Good evening Elliot. Thank you so much for your offer but I've decided to pursue another. :)

2024-02-27 23:02:47

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Thank you for letting me know! Have a good day!!!

2024-03-01 03:47:38

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Hello! I would like to offer:
$60, one full-body shaded digital OR traditional (examples:, and any items I have left in my Mothcats inventory (here:

2024-02-20 20:30:51 (Edited 2024-02-27 23:00:50)

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Shadonut Staff Member

Good evening Oboe! I would love to accept your offer! :) I'll message you over Discord to discuss payment and artwork.

2024-02-27 23:01:53