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Please offer for Peanut Butter Blossom (Paralogos) here

Preference: USD (over Paypal) > Art > CS Items (Mothcats or WoL, but I'm partial to a number of linked ARPGs on my profile...)
End Point: A week after a first offer is made.

Please offer at least $20 USD if offering USD alone
If offering art, please give specific amounts and estimated turnaround time!

2022-05-17 17:10:03 (Edited 2022-05-17 17:10:10)

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Welp uh I'll try!

I'll offer a fullbody with a background, halfbody with a background and two chibis for them! Turnaround time is within 2 weeks to a month! Maybe 2 months depends if my other offers are picked but Ill do my best!!! Probably more likely within a month tho.

2022-05-20 17:18:33

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mewhaku Staff Member

Hi! I'll be in contact with you over Discord if possible! I'd like to accept your offer. =)

2022-05-27 17:38:58

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Hello! Thank you for accepting and yes you can contact me over Discord :3

2022-05-27 17:56:08

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I'd like to offer 2 chibis, I think I'd need around a month to complete the art

2022-05-20 14:58:54

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mewhaku Staff Member

Unfortunately (again sorry ;_; ) I'll need to decline your offer as I've taken another. Thank you for the kind offers though !

2022-05-27 17:39:45